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World Wetlands Day. 
It’s time for wetland restorations.

What are wetlands?

Wetlands occur wherever water meets land. These unique habitats include mangroves, peatlands and marshes, rivers and lakes, deltas, floodplains and flooded forests, rice-fields, and even coral reefs. Healthy wetlands are central to solving the interconnected climate, biodiversity, and water crises.

Wetlands International is a global not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the conservation and restoration of wetlands. Our vision is a world where wetlands are treasured and nurtured for their beauty, the life they support and the resources they provide.

Corredor Azul Programme

Connecting People, Nature and Economies along the Paraná-Paraguay River System

The Corredor Azul Programme began in 2017 and it’s objective is to preserve the health and connectivity of the Paraná-Paraguay wetland system as a natural heritage site that is key to the region’s sustainable development and the livelihoods of communities throughout the system.

Saving High Andean Wetlands for People and Nature Programme

Aimed at improving the conservation status of high Andean wetlands for people and nature.

We have been working with local communities to improve the High Andean Wetlands conservation status since 2017, carrying out restoration and wetland management actions, more sustainable practices concerning cattle grazing and peat extraction.

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