Learning the Importance of Mangroves

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Before I began working with Wetlands International in August, I knew nothing about wetlands, mangroves or Panama. After spending the past school year working with Wetlands International, I am much more aware about the importance of mangroves and their sustainability. Wetland International’s work is making a positive impact around the world and especially in Panama.

Learning about the mangroves has made me more concerned with environmental issues in our world. Although Wetlands International is specifically focusing on the conservation of mangrove trees, I have come to have a heightened appreciation for initiatives that work to solve environmental issues. I now realize that it is in our hands to take care of the environment and there are many simple ways to support environmental efforts. I look forward to seeing the mangroves in person in order gain a full appreciation for mangroves and their environment. I am excited to hear from locals and learn about their perceptions of the mangroves.

I am excited to see the colorful culture of Panama as well. I have never been to that part of the world, so this will be a new and exciting opportunity for me. In our class, we have discussed Panama’s diverse population, and I am expecting to see how the culture reflects Panama’s history and its people. I also look forward to improving my Spanish speaking skills in Panama, by immersing myself in the language.  I know that this will be an amazing trip for making memories and having new experiences.


These are entries by students from Texas Christian University (Fort Worth, TX, USA) Roxo students traveling to Panama for Spring Break to work with Wetlands International on the Mangrove Project.

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