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A Passion for the Environment

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  • Conservación de humedales costeros
  • Resiliencia costera

I’ve always wanted to travel to Central America to experience the culture, diversity, and beauty that the countries have to offer. This trip to Panama marks my first time traveling to Central America, and I am overjoyed to be able to have this opportunity. I want to ensure that I take the time to truly immerse myself in the culture and see the world from Panamanians’ perspectives during this week-long adventure. An important part of achieving this goal is understanding the environmental problems that Panama faces. I have always been passionate about the environment, so I am excited to be able to focus on mangrove restoration and sustainability by working for Wetlands International.

Mangroves are important for protection against weather disasters and for providing homes for various native species. Because of their high importance, their destruction is extremely concerning. Although mangrove forests are found along coastlines throughout the world, the level of mangrove destruction is significant in Panama. I understand that it is imperative to raise awareness about this issue and get communities and governments involved on working to combat the destruction of these unique trees. I feel honored to be able to advocate on behalf of the communities and wildlife that depend on the mangroves, and I look forward to collaborating with my colleagues in order to use our knowledge and skillsets to help Wetlands International bring forth change. 


These are entries by students from Texas Christian University (Fort Worth, TX, USA) Roxo students traveling to Panama for Spring Break to work with Wetlands International on the Mangrove Project.