Trip of a Lifetime

It’s almost time to embark on my Panamanian adventure! I can’t believe it is coming up so quickly. I have been planning to visit Panama […]


Learning the Importance of Mangroves

Before I began working with Wetlands International in August, I knew nothing about wetlands, mangroves or Panama. After spending the past school year working with […]


A New Adventure

I spent last summer travelling Europe- Belgium, France, England, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and Ireland. It truly was the experience of a lifetime and I […]


A Passion for the Environment

I’ve always wanted to travel to Central America to experience the culture, diversity, and beauty that the countries have to offer. This trip to Panama […]


A Small Part in Mangrove Restoration Effort

As Roxo’s trip to Panama approaches, I am both incredibly excited to journey to Panama for the first time and anxious to put together a […]


Stepping outside of my comfort zone in Panama

In a few days I will travel to Panama with Roxo to work with Wetlands International. I travelled to Argentina a few years ago and […]


Mangroves: «Gentle Giants»

I have wanted to go to Panama for as long as I can remember. My dad was Military Police in Panama during the 1989 invasion, […]


Laguna Llancanelo – el Tamarindo que da sombra amenaza a las aves acuáticas

En el pasado, la Laguna Llancanelo, en la provincia de Mendoza al oeste de Argentina, fue el hogar de los pueblos originarios Huarpe. Huarpe significa […]


Laguna Llancanelo – shady Tamarind threatens waterbirds

In the past lagoon Llancanelo, in the Mendoza province of western Argentina, was home to the Huarpe Indians. Huarpe means ‘sandy ground’ or ‘desert country’, […]


50 Años del Censo Internacional de Aves Acuáticas Vamos a salir a contar !